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A seamless one-stop e-enabled service, TRIM HR offers well-rounded automation solutions to ensure smooth functioning of all payroll and compliance needs. With the constant urge & desire to automate at every step in the payroll and compliance operating cycle, TRIM HR ensures one does not have to worry about routine & mundane yet critical tasks.

Trim HR has harnessed technology to improve efficiency, transparency and autonomy for various businesses – small & large. Trim HR operates a state of the art technology solution whilst also helping CHRO drive employee centric services like leave & attendance, salary & wages, benefits, deductions, reimbursements and statutory contributions without having to worry about data analysis, complex computations, report presentation and multitudinous follow ups.

Trim HR has brought cheer to approximately 1.2 million employees that now enjoy, round-the-clock access to a personalized, employee self-service portal that covers the following:

  • Employment history
  • Attendance history
  • Leave history
  • Emolument history

In addition to bringing cheer to employees, Trim HR brings convenience to employers’ right at their door step in the form of a comprehensive and easy to navigate compliance tool that tracks, records and publishes all applicable compliances mandated for their respective establishment, at the click of a button. Which means sitting at a single location our clients will be able to avail:

  • Filing and statutory payment schedules
  • Better governance of establishments across multiple states
  • Record keeping & evidence
  • Last mile support in terms of liaising with various statutory bodies.

With our core expertise in Payroll and Compliance Automation Services, TRIM HR aims at delivering an integrated blend of technology as well as an offline provider of service to our clients.

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We were dealing with multiple people for our compliance needs. Dealing with so many people in the system led to a lot of confusions and missing deadlines for payments of challans, filing of returns, etc. We found Trim HR and they solved all these problems. They have a well-organized system which is able to track, monitor and thereby ensure that all our compliance commitments are fulfilled.

CEO and co-founder
start-up organization

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