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In addition to a staff of highly trained customer account representatives, Trim HR has Qualified Chartered Accountants and Labor Law Experts on board to oversee payroll preparation and address all income tax and compliance related queries.

TRIM HR believes that in today’s day and age every employer needs to focus on their core competencies and leave the routine, mundane and non-core tasks to experts.

Moreover, companies today need transparency and complete visibility on all relevant compliance’s that need to be adhered to. Trim HR’s client service portal gives complete access and visibility to all applicable compliance registers, challans and returns, across multiple states of the country that are available on real time basis and can be downloaded at the simple click of a button. Compliance history of an organization is readily available should there be a need to revisit any particular record or statute. This gives businesses immense comfort and confidence in the fact that they no longer need to depend on local level support to access such records or information.

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We were dealing with multiple people for our compliance needs. Dealing with so many people in the system led to a lot of confusions and missing deadlines for payments of challans, filing of returns, etc. We found Trim HR and they solved all these problems. They have a well-organized system which is able to track, monitor and thereby ensure that all our compliance commitments are fulfilled.

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