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about trim


TRIM HR believes that in today’s day and age every HR organization needs to focus on their core competencies and leave the routine, mundane and transactional tasks to experts. In line with this philosophy TRIM HR has conceptualized a seamless one-stop e-enabled service, that offers well-rounded automation solutions to ensure smooth functioning of all your HR lifecycle needs. With the constant urge & desire to automate at every step in the HR operating cycle, TRIM HR ensures one does not have to worry about routine or mission critical tasks.

Trim HR has harnessed technology to improve efficiency, transparency, and autonomy for various businesses – small & large. We operate and advice on a slew of state of the art technology solutions thereby helping CHRO drive employee centric services right from  recruitment, on-boarding, leave & attendance, performance management, salary & wages, reimbursements and statutory compliance without having to worry about data analysis, complex computations, report presentation and multitudinous follow ups.



To be recognized as a company which simplifies mundane yet complex HR operational tasks with optimum efficiency and transparency.



We will endeavor to automate every possible step in the HR operational supply chain that enables our client’s HR organization to remain lean, productive and focused.

brand attributes

The word “TRIM” is an acronym which stands for

T – Trustworthy R – Robust I – Intelligent M – Meticulous


Given the fact that brand attributes reflect the ethos and values of a company, TRIM HR not only believes in these values but constantly strives to live by these attributes “day-in-day-out”.

Therefore, each and every action of ours are guided by the following aspirational values:

T – Trustworthy – we want to be a “trustworthy” custodian of our client’s data.

R – Robust – we want to build a secure and “robust” system so that it can handle volume and scale with élan.

I – Intelligent – Our system should be “intelligent” enough to translate complex problems into easy and user-friendly solutions.

M – Meticulous – we want to follow a very rigorous and “meticulous” approach when it comes to managing client’s data.

how can we help you?

Contact us for all your HR Process Automation needs.

Recruitment is always a challenging process in our group, given the quantum and diversity of hires. It is not just about meeting deadlines, but numerous processes in the chain viz. screening applications, scheduling interviews, offer and no-shows….and many more complexities which makes the entire task extremely cumbersome. Thanks to TRIM HR we have now got a complete stranglehold on our recruitment process. They recommended us a fabulous tool through which we could not only streamline our hiring process but also fast forward the entire recruitment lifecycle.

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