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Recruitment is always a challenging process in our group, given the quantum and diversity of hires. It is not just about meeting deadlines, but numerous processes in the chain viz. screening applications, scheduling interviews, offer and no-shows….and many more complexities which makes the entire task extremely cumbersome. Thanks to TRIM HR we have now got a complete stranglehold on our recruitment process. They recommended us a fabulous tool through which we could not only streamline our hiring process but also fast forward the entire recruitment lifecycle.

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Over the years, outsourcing payroll has proven to be the most cost-effective and flexible solution available. By means of a full-service payroll solution, Trim HR has the following on offer.

Total Tax Service – The process of ‘Taxation’ can be quite ‘taxing’ given the ever-changing central, state and local tax regulations. Tax penalties and interest on late or non-compliant payments have become common-place for most businesses. But with Trim HR’s total tax services solutions, clients remain abreast of the latest amendments and changes in the legislations.

Custom Reports – Businesses are unique, and their need for reports are different too. Trim HR’s flexible systems allow it to custom-make reports for different clients.

Paid Leave Accrual and Tracking – A vacation or a planned leave, sick leave or an unplanned one, Trim HR can track it all.  With the click of a button, all of this information is available on a platter.

Direct Deposit – With identity theft on the constant rise, direct deposit is the most preferred method of payment amongst employers.  While employees enjoy the convenience and security of direct deposit, employers enjoy the ease of bank reconciliation.

Electronic Payroll Reports – With electronic reports & an electronic filing system available, Trim HR helps reduce paper wastage and significantly brings down the need for file space.

Time Keeping Systems – With our payroll automation service, Trim HR makes sure employees are only paid for the time they have worked.  The ability to enforce employee schedule, control coverage and overtime & run a variety of tracking reports allows companies to improve utilization of labour resources.

Employee Self Service – With a password, employees all employment related information (of the past 5 years) via different smart devices.

Multi-Currency Multi Country Set up – Trim HR’s system is configured to tailor-make payroll reports basis customer needs & country specific regulations.

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Expectations out of compliance functions may have been on a constant rise, but risks associated with failing to meet these expectations are on the rise too. Given the magnanimity of the compliance demands, businesses often need to maintain ever-growing compliance functions that increase their overall operational costs. The increasing number and complexity of these regulations, continuing shortage of talent, and constant pressure from shareholders to reduce operating costs, makes it necessary for companies to consider TRIM as an alternative outsourcing partner.

Through a full-service compliance solution, companies are able to achieve the following:

Cope with filing schedule & multiple authorities – As an entity you are required to adhere to a plethora of laws not only at the Federal, but also at the State level. So, if you have establishments in multiple states across the country you’ll have to deal with multiple authorities at multiple levels whether it is filing of returns or paying statutory contributions. TRIM HR is ready to take on that responsibility on your behalf to ensure that you are not hassled on this account and can instead focus on your core business.

Better governance of compliance processes – More than anything else, it is the discipline and rigour with which we approach compliance for our clients that eventually determines our success. At TRIM we have engineered our solutions in such a manner that it not only tracks compliance but also performs the said tasks on the designated dates and timelines, without you having to bother about it.

Better record keeping & evidence – The essence of any efficient compliance management program lies in effective documentation and archive mechanism. Our system has been designed in such a manner that clients can access any past record/data at the click of a button, thereby eliminating any human dependency on this account.

Reduce operating costs – By outsourcing compliance to TRIM

  • you save on “time”.
  • you inject “efficiencies” into your system.
  • you address “business continuity” issues.
  • you get access to “experts”.