Recruitment Automation

recruitment process automation service


A unique recruitment lifecycle tool which can manage the following processes: –

  • New job requisition – public visibility of job openings.
  • Screening of applications from multiple sources viz. job boards, social media, internal job postings, other external sources.
  • Online assessments
  • Scheduling and conducting online/offline interview rounds (integration with 3rd party applications)
  • Offer and On-boarding
  • Integration with your existing HR systems
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Recruitment is always a challenging process in our group, given the quantum and diversity of hires. It is not just about meeting deadlines, but numerous processes in the chain viz. screening applications, scheduling interviews, offer and no-shows….and many more complexities which makes the entire task extremely cumbersome. Thanks to TRIM HR we have now got a complete stranglehold on our recruitment process. They recommended us a fabulous tool through which we could not only streamline our hiring process but also fast forward the entire recruitment lifecycle.

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